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about me

I’ve been living in Brooklyn, New York since 2016. I love to tell people everything about the city and I am doing that through; Social Content. I make routes, travel guides, and blogs. I am a caring person, no wonder I was a social worker for years. I love to help people find their way in the city and make sure they visit the coolest places.

what i love doing

I want you to enjoy the city. I want  to show you all the great places and I love to share tips! In these past years I got to know the city very well and I am out and about every week to explore more amazing neighborhoods. This way I can make sure I offer people the best up to date information and answer all the questions related to exploring the city. What I love most is seeing visitors walking through the city with big smiles on their faces because they are taking it all in! That is what New York does!

my work

These are a few examples of my work so far...

How I can help you

New York has this thing, this energy and that is why content works so well! You will bring people back to their favorite place on earth, or they can prepare for their dream trip! If your company needs more New York content, let me help! I am here, in the middle of it all and I know what people would like to know about New York. 

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Fresh & up to date content

Let me tell the New York story.Through a consistent flow of content you and I will manage to get more traffic and more excitement by customers coming to New York. Or how about new fresh photos with existing content? I would be happy to go out for you to take new photos.

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voor de dutchies
Gepersonaliseerde routes

Mis jij in je gekochte reisgids nu net die ene wijk die jou zo interessant leek? Of wil je weten wat er rondom jouw verblijfplaats allemaal te doen is? Laat mij een gepersonaliseerd plan voor je maken. 

Dit kan een mini route zijn van max 10 adressen, een luxe route van een halve dag of een royale route van een volle dag. Aan de hand van wat vragen maak ik voor jou een gepersonaliseerde route.

Vraag mij om een prijsopgave.

voor de dutchies

Natuurlijk zit je hoofd vol vragen als je op reis gaat naar New York. Ik help graag! Voor een vrijwillige donatie zoek ik het antwoord op jouw vraag. Wat is het antwoord jou waard?

Hierbij help je mij enorm om mijn werk voort te kunnen zetten. win win toch? Weet ik geen volledig antwoord op jouw vraag dan laat ik dat uiteraard ook weten.


Great guide.

Great guide. The guide is up to date and includes all the newest sights you want to see. It also will show you less famous places, such as amazing local restaurants. That’s a plus for a good travel guide. I can recommend it!
Britt Craen
- Read Time to Momo travel guide.

New York Thrills.

Ingrid knows everything about the best places in New York. She knows where to find local and interesting restaurants, all time favorites and exciting views of the city. She will make sure you will experience the city like a local. Do you want to see the city through her eyes? Make sure to check her instagram account. Perfect for a dose of New York Thrills.
Sophie Kreuze
- Editor Mo Media

Insider information.

I know Ingrid as the author from the Time to Momo New York travelguide. It not only was a pleasant collaboration, but it resulted in something beautiful, a travelguide with original and interesting tips with insider information
Ezra van Wilgenburg
- Freelance Editor


As a Guest Blogger for my New York travel blog, Ingrid wrote a very nice tip on how to spend your summer in NYC. Ingrid is a local so she knows where to find the best off-the-beaten-track places. Thanks for the inspiration!
Diana Stok
- Blogger:

Back in New York...

Ingrid will share the best local spots with you. She knows the city like the back of her hand, and I am so glad she explored the world of food in the Big Apple for us. Ingrid adapted her writing style to our target audience and it really felt as if I was back in New York for a moment. And that is exactly the experience we want to give our customers!
Manon Prins,
- Marketingspecialist at 333Travel

The newest sites

Ingrid wrote a few blogs for our website about the newest sites, restaurants and other events in New York. She loves giving our travelers inspiring, out of the box and fun tips. The collaboration went smoothly and she was very responsive through email.
Elske Oldeboer
- Marketeer Tioga Tours
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